What is a Vaporizer and How Does it Work?

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Vaporizers allow you to inhale vapor that contains all of marijuana’s good stuff (THC) without any of the bad stuff (harsh chemicals). The entire goal of a vaporizing is to heat marijuana and dry herbs just enough so gas is emitted and they are able to be inhaled. The key difference between smoking marijuana and vaping marijuana is combustion. No fire, therefore - no smoke.

The most common vaporized materials are marijuana, tobacco, dry herbs, oils, and waxes. Some vaporizers are designer to vaporize all three substances equally well while other vaporizers are designed specifically for one type of substance over the others. Choosing the best vaporizer to fit your specific lifestyle is important.

Pros of Vaporizers

The largest advantage vaporizers present is their ability to separate marijuana’s active ingredients from its harmful chemicals. Marijuana and dry herb vapors exist under marijuana’s flash point which means the damaging chemicals of combustion are not released into the air or your lungs. Because vaping is smokeless it is also discreet and able to be done in public without any easily noticed fumes. Portable vaporizer pen technology increases the smoker’s ability to vape in public. Vaporizer pens are small, compact and easily transported in bags, purses, and pockets.

Cons of Vaporizers

While many tokers claim vaporizing tobacco, marijuana, and other dry herbs is better for their health compared to smoking it, there is little scientific evidence to back that claim up. Long-term impacts of vaporizing remain unknown because the technology is relatively new to the market compared to traditional filtered cigarettes, joints, weed pipes, and bongs. Also, government authorities and health organizations claim that vaporizers are a type of gateway activity. Supposedly they lead non-smokers and non-tokers to try tobacco and cannabis products when they otherwise would not.  

Regardless of which side of the vaporizing debate you find yourself on, vaporizers are disrupting a stagnant market that has sat by happily puffing unfiltered joints and bongs for decades. Consumers are flocking to vaporizers for not just tobacco, marijuana, and dry herbs but also for cannabis oils, essential extracts and other waxes. If history tells us anything, as toking technology enters mainstream capitalism, research to confirm its benefits will soon follow.